English Publications

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What is Orientation? A Philosophical Investigation. Abrigded and revised version of: ”Philosophie der Orientierung“, translated by Reinhard Mueller in cooperation with Werner Stegmaier, Berlin/Boston (De Gruyter) 2019, 298 p.

  • Three Guides to the Philosophy of Orientation:

    Successful Modes of Orientation: 15 Conclusions from the Philosophy of Orientation for Your Every Day Life, Hodges Foundation for Philosophical Orientation, Nashville, Tennessee, 2019, 6 p. PDF

    Fearless Findings: 25 Footholds for the Philosophy of Orientation, Hodges Foundation for Philosophical Orientation, Nashville, Tennessee, 2019, 16 p. PDF

    Courageous Beginnings: 25 Situations of New Orientations in the History of Philosophy, Hodges Foundation for Philosophical Orientation, Nashville, Tennessee, 2019, 135 p. PDF


Nietzsche’s Project of Religion: His Critique, Analysis, and Functionalization of Religion, translated by Reinhard G. Mueller (2020). PDF

• Orientation in Times of Crisis, translated by Reinhard G. Mueller, website Hodges Foundation for Philosophical Orientation (hfpo.com), 20. März 2020.

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• Nietzsche’s Self-Evaluation as the Destiny of Philosophy and Humanity (Ecce Homo, Why I Am a Destiny 1), trans. by Lisa Maria Anderson,in: Nicholas Martin / Duncan Large (Hg.), Nietzsche’s Ecce homo, Berlin/Boston (De Gruyter) 2021, 385-410.

How Does ‘the New’ Come into the World? Nietzsche’s "Magic of the Extreme", translated by Reinhard G. Mueller (2021). PDF

• Forthcoming: An Orientation to the Philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche, translated by Reinhard G. Mueller and Werner Stegmaier, Orientations Press Nashville, Tennessee (open access: hfpo.com), 2021.